Top Tips for Retirees Looking to Buy in Los Angeles

Top Tips for Retirees Looking to Buy in Los Angeles

If you’re starting to think about where you would like to retire, you’ve probably stumbled upon many lists that include small to mid-sized towns in the South and Midwest regions of the U.S. You may not have found many that include Los Angeles, but that’s mostly due to misconceptions around what it’s like to live in, or retire to, the city. Many may assume that L.A. is too busy or too young for retirees, but that’s just not true. The city offers many benefits for retirees looking to buy their next home.

It’s no secret that major metropolitan areas usually cost more to live in when compared to small towns and rural areas, but it’s important to remember that a higher cost of living indicates a location’s desirability. So while Los Angeles is generally more expensive than say, Wichita, Kansas, that’s because L.A. is a vibrant city with near-perfect weather, delicious food, world-renowned cultural events and some of the highest quality healthcare you’ll find anywhere.

Many people consider buying a home specifically for retirement. After all, your needs and desires for a house are likely very different at 55 than they were at 30. Ready to start your house hunting journey? Below you’ll find a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Choose a Location Close to Your Wants and Needs

As people age, it becomes more challenging to get around. Even if you’re fully mobile now, you’ll want to make sure your home for retirement is close to the things you want and need to do. You’ll want to consider how long it would take you to drive to do your favorite things – maybe the beach? Golfing? Birding?

If you don’t like to drive, or if one day you can’t, you’ll be relieved to hear Los Angeles is home to a vast and reliable public transportation system. The city is one of only twelve U.S. cities with a Metro rail system, and it is the newest American Metro among all U.S. cities. You can count on the Los Angeles metro rail to get you nearly anywhere you want to go.

You’ll want to make sure your next home is near quality healthcare options. Luckily, Los Angeles is a medical hub, with more than 30 healthcare centers that meet the high standards of the U.S. News & World Report rankings for the nation’s best. Additionally, one of the best healthcare centers in the area is the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. This hospital is considered to be within the top 5 hospitals in the country for the following areas: geriatrics, ophthalmology, and urology.

2. Zero in on Homes That Have “Aging in Place” Amenities

No matter how health conscious you are, there may come a time when having to go up and down a staircase is too much to handle. Even a single step can make getting around the home difficult depending on your circumstances.

To avoid having issues in the future, you’ll want to consider the layout of the home before committing to it. Finding a home that meets your present as well as your future needs is no small task – but with the right real estate agent, you’ll be able to target homes that have the right amenities. These amenities can include wider doorways, open floor plans with extra floor space, and bathrooms that are senior-friendly.

3. Do Your Research On Other Senior Living Options in Los Angeles

During the house hunting process, you may ultimately decide that buying and owning your own home independently may not be the best choice. If that’s the case, you’ll want to research the other senior living options in Los Angeles to determine what’s right for you.

One of the options you have is to move into a retirement community. These active adult living communities are ideal for retirees who want to remain as independent as possible, but would rather not deal with all the hassles that come with home ownership. Active adult communities also offer a social benefit for seniors looking to make new friends in their new city by hosting activities and social functions. If you find the idea of living in a retirement community appealing, make sure to thoroughly vet the community before you buy. Although it can be nice to be in a community of people your age, with activities and things to do, the rules at such communities can be strict. Your real estate agent can help you navigate the ins and outs of buying a home within a retirement community.

Another option you have is to move into an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities are ideal for retirees who anticipate needing or currently need help with activities of daily living – including bathing, dressing and managing medications. There are more than 100 top-rated communities in the L.A.-metro area, and your real estate agent can help you research and narrow down which facilities might be best for you.

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