Ellen DeGeneres and her $35 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

Ellen DeGeneres and her $35 Million Beverly Hills Mansion

DeGeneres and de Rossi registered the most expensive sale with their $35 million trade in Beverly Hills.

That is $19 million more than what Ellen and Portia paid for it three years ago, reported Business Insider. The 5,300 square feet home has 4 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.  It also has an area for parking vehicles in the front. There’s also a swimming pool in the back garden. As well as glass walls.

So who bought the $35 million home? According to Yolanda’s Little Black Book, Sue Gross, the owner of a $20-million pad next door to DeGeneres, bought the home. Since the transaction was off-market, there aren’t no listing photos shared online. The couple have owned and sold more than a dozen Southern California properties in the last decade, reported Variety

Business Insider said, “DeGeneres, an avid player in the real estate market, often sells her homes furnished, which may explain why the home sold at such a high price.” 

The Real Deal said that the couple also bought a Beverly Hills property for $15 million and in July the couple sold their Montecito estate for $34 million. They sold it to a Netflix executive.

Back in 2015, Ellen told the Los Angeles Times “I never buy a house thinking that I’m going to sell it,”  “But, anyway, yes, I learned as I went along that selling them furnished is lucrative. Obviously, I haven’t sold things that are, you know, sentimental or personal…I also just think it can be really fun to move in somewhere that’s completely furnished.”


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