3 Important Things to Know About ADUs

3 Important Things to Know About ADUs

We will share with you 3 Important Things to Know About ADUs. An Accessory Dwelling Unit is a detached living space built on a property with an existing primary home. We can now build homes in backyards as granted by several California Laws. According to Los Angeles Times, “A series of state laws took effect last year that seek to ease California’s housing shortage by eliminating local restrictions that made it difficult or impossible to build such small second homes, commonly known as granny flats.” 


  1. Most single-family homeowners can build ADUs

    As long as there’s room for an ADU on their property, state law guarantees that homeowners in single-family neighbourhoods can build one, says Curbed Los Angeles. A detached ADU will need to be at least 10 feet from the main residence. It should also be 5 feet from any property lines.

    The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors granted new rules last week, as shared also by Curbed Los Angeles. Cities and counties can customize the state regulations to some extent. Let’s take a look at 1 of Pasadena’s ADU rule. Detached ADUs can’t be built less than 10 feet from the rear of a parcel. Different from the 5 feet required by the state. The city of Los Angeles is working on its own ADU ordinance. Apart from Pasadena, these are the other cities which have already approved city-specific guidelines for dwellings: Santa MonicaGlendale, and Long Beach

    The new state law says that, “Cities can’t require parking for ADUs within a half-mile of a major public transit stop.” as per the new state law.

  2. In some cities, ADUs can be listed on Airbnb

    Local governments are allowed to decide whether ADUs can be listed on short-term rental sites like Airbnb. According to Curbed Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Los Angeles County, have chosen to ban ADUs from short-term rental use in order to encourage owners to lease them out for longer periods of time.

    Consider checking local rules first in your area. If you are aspiring to build a rental unit for vacationers.

  3. ADUs aren’t just for housing

    We can get help by ADUs in our housing crisis. It doesn’t mean though that someone has to live in that ADU. Accessory Dwelling Units can play the role if you would just want some extra space for an office or a small business.

    Hence, owners who are just looking for some extra room probably don’t need to bother getting all the necessary permits to build ADUs. A standard addition permit may be an easier way to add that flex space. As per Curbed Los Angeles, “Most photo labs and fitness rooms don’t need a separate kitchen.”

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