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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Anita Rich’s client-centric business philosophy, along with her core values of high integrity, perseverance, and respect, direct both the vision and mission of The Rich Group. For more than thirty years, Anita has offered dedicated service to clients extending across diverse business levels, cultures, and status, including celebrities and notable personalities. She radiates a sincere talent for building relationships, trust, and rapport to create enduring partnerships and alliances while motivating forward momentum to produce results.

Throughout the Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills and Bel Air, as well as cities within the San Fernando Valley such as Studio City, Hollywood Hills, Sherman Oaks and Calabasas, Anita is a prominent figure in the real estate industry. Her key focus is to provide superior counsel to sellers through leadership, expertise and knowledge, and she strives to engage with her clients in the most honest manner with sound, ethical business practices. As the Director of Education and as a Mentor and CEO, Anita continues to reach new levels of excellence with finesse and confidence, so you can be sure that her service is loyal to your objectives.

With principles that guide transactions to their utmost success, Anita Rich and The Rich Group prove effectual and dynamic. On the forefront of today’s market trends and community intelligence, Anita delivers insightful information and utilizes it for her clients’ success. She continues to certify herself as a real estate leader and she welcomes your correspondence. Working together, she will assist you with all your real estate needs.

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