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Area Guides

The San Fernando Valley is a prominent region of Los Angeles, California. Situated between the Hollywood Hills, the Malibu coastline and a range of mountains, this urban suburbia is home to major movie studios, celebrities, and entertainment executives. There are innumerable opportunities for exceptional dining, shopping, and recreation. The Rich Group offers detailed information regarding the entire area, and our professionals can offer distinct data, since we live and work here too!

Studio City

Nestled within the San Fernando Valley, Studio City’s fashionable small-town charm is proportionately cherished by the best of the entertainment industry and suburban stroller moms. Keeping pace with styles, Studio City’s main boulevards overflow with unique organic bakeries and yoga studios.

Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills is an iconic residential region with a distinct, star-studded status that boosts grand estates with million-dollar views. It is also a common place for hikers and tourists who ascend nature trails to the luminary Hollywood sign or trace the path of VIPs along the neighboring Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks is where the city meets suburbia, verified by the constant flow of shiny cars against a backdrop of gently swaying palm trees. Centered by the Sherman Oaks Galleria and recognized for the exclusive Sherman Oaks Hills area, which is adjacent to Beverly Hills and Bel Air, this neighborhood is known for its cafes, boutiques, and major retail stores.

Toluca Lake

Toluca Lake blends elite, private estates with retro diners in this engaging neighborhood. Folded into the southern tip of the Valley, the location’s streets remain silent and soothing even when Riverside Drive kicks into action as the night begins.

Valley Village

Valley Village is one of this city’s optimum neighborhoods, a vibrant community where neighbors take pride in their community and interact in a harmonious way. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the south east San Fernando Valley, it boosts fine schools and a reputation for greenery and character.


As a community, Encino is filled with friendly people and gorgeous estate properties in hilly terrain, centered in the San Fernando Valley. Famous residents range from celebrity musicians to film directors, and everything in between, along with street cafes, farmer’s markets, and parks and recreation.

Woodland Hills

A modern American suburb in the southwest San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills balances the nature of the Santa Monica Mountains with a busy center district. Its tranquil character circulates throughout the community’s wide avenues to land at the feet of its mini-downtown, Warner Center.


Calabasas is a classy enclave in the San Fernando Valley, and an upscale suburb that hosts notable celebrities. It features Old Town Calabasas, a historic area home to the Leonis Adobe Museum, a former ranch from the 1800s, and the Commons of Calabasas shopping center.


Publicized as the “Media Capital of the World” and located only a few miles northeast of Hollywood, many media and entertainment companies are headquartered there. The city is located in two distinct areas, with its downtown and civic center nestled on the slopes and foothills that rise to the Verdugo Mountains, and other areas located in flatlands at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley.

North Hollywood

North Hollywood, also called NoHo is a fairly large section of the San Fernando Valley, close to Universal City and Studio City. The area is eclectic and unique with an Arts District, many small theaters and stylish restaurants.